The Best Pots For Growing Cannabis

The Best Pots For Growing Cannabis

Updated: August 28, 2021

Not all pots are created equal. Selecting the best pots for growing Cannabis can be confusing for beginners since there’s so much choice on the market. This guide will help you make the right choice and understand why some pots are better than others.

Plastic & Ceramic Pots

Plastic pots are perhaps the most common type of pot as they’re inexpensive, making them the standard option for growers operating on a budget. The problem with plastic is that it isn’t very breathable and may cause airflow issues depending on the type of grow medium you’re using. Plastic pots are also susceptible to temperature fluctuations and won’t protect the plant’s root system from high temperatures, especially if growing outdoors. Plastic pots are sufficient if you’re tight on cash but definitely not the best pots for growing Cannabis.

Ceramic pots are slightly better than plastic pots especially in hot climates like Malta’s, they absorb moisture and don’t get as warm on hot days. One con to ceramic is that it’s not easy to drill extra holes in it if your grow medium requires more drainage. Their heavy weight also makes it more difficult to transport plants in case they need to be moved.

Fabric & Air Pots

The major difference between fabric and air pots is their physical shape, air pots are made from plastic and have holes in them, while fabric pots are made from a breathable fabric. Their major advantage over other pots is the same however, they promote a healthier root structure due to air-pruning.

In a conventional plastic pot, when the plant’s roots reach the edge of the pot they will continue to grow and wrap themselves around the tiny gap between the pot and the grow medium in search of nutrients, this is called root-bounding and creates a suboptimal environment for the plant’s roots as they lock out nutrients and block airflow.

Fabric and air pots prevent this problem since they are breathable, once the root of the plant reaches the edge and comes into contact with air, the tip of the root dies and is forced to sprout new roots from the old one, resulting in a wider network of roots covering a larger area of your grow medium. This provides better access to nutrients and water, allowing the Cannabis plant to grow larger and produce bigger yields. They are considered the best pots for growing Cannabis.

Root-Bound vs Air-Pruned Roots

Pot Size

Usually a bigger pot will result in a bigger yield, so you want to make sure your pot is large enough for your plant’s roots to grow and spread out healthily. A small pot will increase the chance of your plant becoming root-bound, resulting in an underdeveloped plant. Definitely only do one plant per pot since you don’t want them competing for nutrients and space.

The average pot size for an indoor grow is around 12-15 litres, any smaller than that and you risk not having enough space for the plants to grow to their full potential. If you’re growing outdoors and space isn’t an issue, usually bigger is better. Autoflowering plants can get away with a slightly smaller pot than photoperiod varieties since they have a shorter lifespan and smaller size, though this is not always the case as some autos such as the Auto Ultimate by Dutch Passion are known to produce monsters when planted in a large pot.


For the optimal grow you should definitely stick to fabric or air pots since they provide optimal airflow to the roots and prevent root-bounding via air-pruning. Which one you pick is up to personal preference since they both provide the same benefit. Air pots cost more since they’re made from a hard plastic and their shipping cost will definitely be more expensive if buying online, while fabric pots can be bought for relatively cheap.

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